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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Amazing Nail Art Designs

Nails play an important role on women’s look. Not only they can make your hands sparkle, but they can actually show that you care about your looks.And for this spring/summer bright color nails are a huge trend.

The good thing of nail designs is that you don’t have to put fake nails in order to achieve it; you can perfectly let you nails grow a little bit so the design looks fuller.

Nail art designs are all the rage now. But going out and buying them from a proper store seems to be troublesome. Furthermore, you never seem to like the designs that are available and embellishing your precious nails with tacky looking designs is certainly not worth the time or the expense. Furthermore, you don’t really know whether to paint your nails beforehand or try out the varnish at the nail parlor.

 Tip: to prevent ingrown toenails, always cut nails straight across. Do not round them off- this makes it very easy for nails to curve in and grow into your skin.

Wipe your nails down with VINEGAR BEFORE painting them. Wipe on the sides of your nails (on the skin), the nail itself and under the nail’s free edge if you have it.

Painting your nails yourself can be tedius, and can often end up being a mess. There are a few ways to make this process easier, neater, and make your manicure or pedicure last longer. Once you get the hang of doing your own nails, you will never have to spend money to go get them done ever again!

Groom Your Nails to Perfection

Cut, trim, and file your nails to where you want them. Make sure your nails are all even, and make sure they are filed smoothly with no sharp edges. Trim and push back your cuticles to make a good amount of space for your manicure or pedicure.

Tip: to prevent ingrown toenails, always cut nails straight across. Do not round them off- this makes it very easy for nails to curve in and grow into your skin.

Always Make Sure Your Nails and Hands are Clean

After grooming your nails and cuticles, wash your hands. Scrub your nails, clean under your nails, and then wipe your nails with a little bit of nail polish remover- to remove any oils or dirt that were left behind. If you add lotion to your hands and cuticles, add it AFTER your nails are completely dry.

Always Use a Base Coat

A base coat is very important- it protects nails and prevents the color from staining your nails. It also makes it so the color will stick to, and stay on your nails. Using a base coat is needed to keep your nails healthy and strong, when using nail polish.

Do Not Let Your Polish Touch Your Cuticles

Push back the polish as close as you can to your cuticles without touching them. Getting polish on your cuticles causes a mess, and doesn't look neat. This is one secret that really helps with a nice, clean look.

Use Smooth, Thin Coats of Polish

Using thin coats of polish will decrease drying time, and will give you a beautiful smooth, long-lasting result. Use smooth strokes, and add more coats as needed.

Always Do at Least Two Coats

If you are using a polish that only requires two coats of polish, use two. If you are using a thin, watery, or a color that is not very rich, add more thin coats as needed until you reach your desired color. Never use less than two coats of color.

Always Let Each Coat of Polish Dry Completely

Make sure every coat is completely dry before adding another coat. Adding a second coat too soon when the first coat is not 100% dry can cause bumps and bubbles that can ruin your manicure. The same thing goes for adding your top coat: make sure your nails are totally dry before adding your top coat.

Always Add a Top Coat

A top coat is the final addition to your manicure or pedicure. A top coat is essential if you want your nail polish to last even one day. A top coat seals in your color, adds shine, and prevents chipping of your color. As said before, don't add your top coat until your nails are 100% dry. Adding your top coat before then can ruin all the work you just did.

Let Your Nails Air Dry

Be patient! Blowing on your nails can alter the color of your polish. To speed up the process, turn on an overhead fan, and let your nails dry naturally. It is well worth it.

Tip: If you do not have a base coat, you can use vinegar. Vinegar helps polish stay on your nails longer, and basically acts as an almost-as-good alternative.

-Make sure your nails are hard, and completely dry before doing anything that could scrape against your nails or imprint them. I can't tell you how many times I thought my polish was completely dry and then reached into a bag, scraped my nails on something, and totally ruined my manicure.
How to Easily Make Nail Polish on Nails Last Longer!
You can make nail polish last longer on your nails with vinegar?! Just take a cotton ball and dip it in vinegar then swipe it over your un-polished nail. After it’s dry, polish your nail! That’s it, your nail polish will last longer! Also, using a base coat before painting your nails will help too. I would also like to add that painting a thick coat will actually make it peel off faster. Try to just do a base coat, 2-4 very thin coats of the color you choose and a thin top coat.

Skin Care Tips for the Spring

Spring is one of the best times of the year with loads of things to look forward to, from prom to summer break to nights out on the town with your friends, and everything in between. You don't want to miss out on any of it, which is why we're going to help you prepare for the busy season ahead with these tips to keep you and your skin feeling and looking healthy all along the way. 

Want long-lasting beauty? These tricks will keep you gorgeous from now all the way to Labor Day.

Using sunscreen regularly will help your skin to look younger longer. Besides, after a long, dark winter, think of how susceptible your skin will be to sun burn! Get a good sunscreen, with a 30 SPF, and slather it on every day. Only choose oil-free, noncomedogenic options to avoid aggravating acne.  

Believe it or not, what you eat is just as important as what you don’t eat. Substitute unhealthy foods – like burgers and fries – with fresh vegetables and fruits. Also try organic products. Certain foods can set off the acne process for some people.

H2O Often

Now that you’ll be spending more time outside, your body can lose moisture. It’s important to replenish regularly with lots and lots of water. Not only will this help keep your skin soft, it will also help keep your skin moisturized.

Your skin takes quite a beating during those cold winter months so it definitely deserves a little TLC. One way to do this is to exfoliate. Clearasil® Daily Clear® Daily Facial Scrub, Ultra Rapid Action Face Scrub, and Ultra Overnight Scrub have exfoliating beads that do a great job of cleaning your skin as well.

As the cold, dry air goes away, you may no longer need that heavy-duty moisturizer. Think about switching to a moisturizer with a lower lipid content that will still keep your skin nice and hydrated without making you feel greasy. If you have oily skin, look for a moisturizer with a matte finish (like skoah's face skotion). Look at your cleanser as well. If you have been using a creamy cleanser all winter and have combination skin, think about making a switch to a gel based cleanser (like skoah's gel kleanser) for the warmer months. As with any cleanser (face, body or hair), look for products that are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free.
Wear Sun Protection

If you have been hibernating all winter long and are now venturing out and about, remember to wear sun protection. There are a lot of moisturizers and makeup products that include an SPF, making it super easy to protect your skin daily. If your products do not contain sun protection, make sure to wear a separate product with an SPF of 30. This is the single most important step you can take to help prevent premature aging (as well as protecting your skin from skin cancer and a host of other nasty skin problems).

The changing seasons are a great time to review your skin care routine. It is spring cleaning for your skin care!

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